Tumbling Classes
Classes are based on skill level, then age. If you need help finding a class to fit your child's needs, please contact the program director.
(Effective August 2018)
Important Notes About Registering...
• Once enrolled your child will begin class right away
• Tuition will be pro-rated if less than 2 weeks left
• Spots cannot be held without payment
• If you want to take a break, a drop slip has to be filled out before the 24th of the month prior to ending
• Tuition is ran on the 25th of the next month (if you sign up after the 25th tuition will be ran for current and next month)

Yearly Enrollment
Monthly Tuition: $90 (multi class discount may apply)
Tumbling Beginner
Is your child interested in taking a tumbling class? Tumbling Beginner is a great place to start.
In this class your child will learn basic techniques as well as discover their love for tumbling.
Skills that will be mastered:
Bridge Kick-over
Tumbling Intermediate
Tumbling Intermediate is a great class to start advancing your child’s tumbling skills.
This class focuses on learning new techniques, body strengthening, improving overall self-esteem.
Skills that will be mastered:
Back-bend Kick-over
Back Handspring (spotted)
Tumbling Upper Intermediate
Tumbling Upper Intermediate focuses on mastering the standing back handspring.
Skills that will be mastered:
Back Walkover
Front Walkover
Standing Back Handspring
Tumbling Advanced
Tumbling Advanced is dedicated to connecting skills (round-off back handsprings) and learning tucking skills.
This could mean a standing tuck or a round-off back handspring back tuck.
Skills that will be mastered:
Round-off Back Handspring
Standing Back Tuck
Round-off BHS Back Tuck
Tumbling Elite
Tumbling Elite is dedicated to working on layouts and twisting skills.
This could mean a standing full or a round-off back handspring full.
Skills that will be mastered:
Round-off BHS Layout
Layout Full
Advanced Tumbling Passes
Eagle Tumbling
Monthly Tuition: $70
This class is for Cheerleaders on the ZMS, ZWEST, and ZCHS Cheer Teams.
There are no tumbling skill requirements
Tumbling For Dance
This class will work on skills needed for dance team routines.
Recommendation required by Dance or Tumbling Director.
Interested in a different class day and time? Let us know!
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