Tumbling Classes
Classes are based on skill level, then age. If you need help finding a class to fit your child's needs, please contact the program director.
(Effective August 2018)
Important Notes About Registering...
• Once enrolled your child will begin class right away
• Tuition will be pro-rated if less than 2 weeks left
• Spots cannot be held without payment
• If you want to take a break, a drop slip has to be filled out before the 24th of the month prior to ending
• Tuition is ran on the 25th of the next month (if you sign up after the 25th tuition will be ran for current and next month)

Yearly Enrollment
Monthly Tuition: $90 (multi class discount may apply)
Tumbling Beginner
Is your child interested in taking a tumbling class? Tumbling Beginner is a great place to start.
In this class your child will learn basic techniques as well as discover their love for tumbling.
Skills that will be mastered:
Bridge Kick-over
Tumbling Intermediate
Tumbling Intermediate is a great class to start advancing your child’s tumbling skills.
This class focuses on learning new techniques, body strengthening, improving overall self-esteem.
Skills that will be mastered:
Back-bend Kick-over
Back Handspring (spotted)
Tumbling Upper Intermediate
Tumbling Upper Intermediate focuses on mastering the standing back handspring.
Skills that will be mastered:
Back Walkover
Front Walkover
Standing Back Handspring
Tumbling Advanced
Tumbling Advanced is dedicated to connecting skills (round-off back handsprings) and learning tucking skills.
This could mean a standing tuck or a round-off back handspring back tuck.
Skills that will be mastered:
Round-off Back Handspring
Standing Back Tuck
Round-off BHS Back Tuck
Tumbling Elite
Tumbling Elite is dedicated to working on layouts and twisting skills.
This could mean a standing full or a round-off back handspring full.
Skills that will be mastered:
Round-off BHS Layout
Layout Full
Advanced Tumbling Passes
Tumbling: Back Handsprings
Back Handspring class will focus on learning and maintaining a back handspring, then progressing into harder skills like multiple back handsprings in a row, round-off back handsprings, back tucks and beyond!
Handstand Hold
Eagle Tumbling
Monthly Tuition: $70
This class is for Cheerleaders on the ZMS, ZWEST, and ZCHS Cheer Teams.
There are no tumbling skill requirements
Questions? Comments? Please contact the program director!
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